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Lyudmila V. Kharlamov was born in 1987 in the city of Orenburg. In January 2005, Lyudmila Kharlamova entered the Orenburg branch of the National Bolshevik Party, becoming in a short time one of the most active supporters. She constantly took part in rallies, pickets, protests Orenburgskaya opposition.

In 2007, with distinction and honors finished Orenburg Pedagogical College of Arts and number 2 in the specialty teacher of corrective behavior. Ludmila elected vocation education of underprivileged children and working with difficult adolescents.

Ludmila Kharlamova - good woman. It is the carrier of a rare blood group (IV negative), regularly donate blood at blood transfusion stations in Orenburg and set aside in the national blood bank. However, Luda - solid and strong-willed person. After graduating college, she could not get a job in the specialty. Of the Pedagogical Institute, where she planned to continue teaching, she also had to go - on the leadership of schools had been pressing the Russian special services employees, are widely and openly practicing this method of prosecution of politically unreliable people. But Lyudmila never had thought to abandon their political beliefs...

During the attacks against the monetization of benefits has begun its conflict with the staff of the FSB and UBOP, persecuting political activists. Lyudmila has repeatedly appealed to the prosecutor's office with allegations of illegal actions by police against supporters of NBP and the Other Russia. In addition to participating in protests Ludmila organized political support, in particular, Alexey Tonkih and Maxim Gromov - making the transfer, wrote a letter supporting the parents.

In September, in the Orenburg be held "primaries" to elect a single candidate from the opposition in the upcoming elections presidant of Russian Federation. Against Ludmila as strong in favor of "Other Russia" and the organizer of the "primaries", personnel from various law enforcement agencies have tried to make a provocation. 14 September 2007 Kharlamova when searching were planted drugs. UBOP to provoke officers and Federal Security Service, has previously delayed Lyudmila. Soon the Lenin District Court of Orenburg activist found guilty of 1 of article 228 and sentenced her to eight months' imprisonment to serve their sentences in open prisons. 13 May Lyudmila got to be free.